We’re the real taxi, not the outsiders!”. This is the name given to the initiative that the Egyptian taxi drivers, mainly those from Cairo, organized to campaign against the rise of the ride hailing applications, UBER and Careem. The drivers are demanding the Egyptian government to shut down the 2 services by claiming they both operate illegally without proper taxes reporting.

As a matter of fact, the world renown apps ( Download UBER here and Download Careem here ) came as saviors for thousands of Egyptian taxi riders who suffer from the low-quality service provided by the traditional taxi in Egypt, also locally known as the “White Taxi”, which turned from being a hope to leverage the back-then worse taxi network in Cairo into another nightmare for the capital commuters who always complain about its availability, rudeness of the drivers and the faulty fares always quoted to them in general.

Sorry Taxi drivers, we caught you cheating using Google Maps Navigator!

When the online bridges builders at Josoor Internet Marketing speak, they talk digital. So we caught a taxi driver in Cairo cheating, like many others do unfortunately, using the amazing Google Maps Navigator app (another digital service that, really, makes life better! Just like UBER and Careem do!).


A Cairo Taxi Driver Busted Using Google Maps!

That happened when Josoor’s CTO, Ahmed Fawzi, took a trip from our office at the GrEEK Campus in Downtown Cairo to El-Haram district at the west part of the enormous capital. The trip was approximately 17 KM long and the “honest” fare should have been 25.4 EGP, but the taxi fare counter had another say, as it read that the car travelled for 22.1 KM and charged poor Ahmed for 35.20 EGP.

Ahmed made his point and got back to using UBER happily. No sorrow to Cairo’s lovely taxi drivers!

A bird’s eye view of the UBER / Careem vs Taxi Crisis

Putting aside all the above, we at Josoor, as a digital marketing consultancy & agency operating in Egypt and the Middle East, observe the current crisis from a different perspective.

Since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011, the region witnessed a dramatic shift, that came in the form of a Digital Tsunami, that shaked the old, offline-oriented minds that were running the region back then. The regimes had to realize that the new world we live in is truly a “Digital Age”, a world that is controlled and operated by technology, mainly by communication, internet and mobile technologies.

Although the first shock was dealt to the governments, but later, we can see that the next waves of the “Digital Tsunami” are still coming in and revoluting the collective mindset of Egyptian and Arab people, businesses and organizations. The current UBER and Careem crisis is just one reflection of the revolution of perspectives taking place in the Arab and Middle Eastern markets we serve.

What do we expect out of this UBER crisis?

At Josoor, our expectation is that the “Digital Tsunami” is going to (and is already) prevailing in the Arab region and will wipe all the traditional, old, offline and disconnected businesses. This is obviously clear to us. While we are doing our regular Social Media Monitoring and screening, we saw that the mainstream of Social Media in Egypt is 95%+ against the uprising of the “offline taxi drivers” and that the users are even mocking the bad service and make jokes about it.

To conclude: Egyptian taxi customers, and the whole Egyptian market, are starting to taste the sweetness of technology and will never make a U-turn to take a- traditional – white – taxi!

Do you want to take your business to the Digital Age? Tell us your needs and goals and we’ll take it from there!