The rebellion against online ads is no news, as it has been around since the early days of online advertising.

Back then, the great majority of those browser addons and desktop programs that were available were either fishy (for advanced users) or were spammy themselves (i.e. collecting data and tracking users). Of course, we should say a big thank you to those who tried over the years to roll out honest and clean ad removal tools. chrome adblocker.jpg

But what’s new now? The good news is that Google Chrome – by itself – released an update that would let the popular browser block ads (even those by Google AdWords) on those websites that display noisy, or non-compliant ads with spammy nature. By the middle of February 2018, all Chrome users who downloaded the update will have a built-in ad-blocker by Google.

The notable change that encouraged Google to take action in this regard came after they joined t
he “Coalition for Better Ads” which advocates and encourages better ads practices by the online ads industry; ads that will not mislead, annoy nor trap users but instead, work for their best interests (along with the best interests of advertisers).

Check the coalition’s website to understand the guidelines they are promoting and if your ads abide by them; you’ll save your ads the hassle of getting blocked by Chrome and will not be deprived from showing your ads to the massive audience that is on Chrome already.

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