Josoor Internet Marketing celebrates its third anniversary with its success partners and clients by announcing a bunch of exciting news!

New office, website and a party!

First of all, to meet the company’s growth and expansions, Josoor’s headquarters is moving to a new office in the elegant Maadi area. Click here to check our new place on the map.josoor_websitelogo

And since we can’t forget our success partners, Josoor will host a party for the company’s premium partners and clients at its new premises!

Not only that! But we’re also launching a new lavished & sleek website that reflects our pride and appreciation for our clients. Click here and enjoy the journey.

Josoor’s 1st Internet Marketing Festival

The heat of our surprises is not ceasing at this point, but we’re also extending our celebrations by giving back to our clients who will enjoy a very special discount on Josoor’s different services as part of our 1st Internet Marketing annual Festival! Click here to receive your coupon!

There is still a lot more to tell !

We didn’t want to close the curtains before we share some news of what’s coming in 2013:

New Services:

With full pleasure, Josoor launches a pack of new services that deepens our clients’ experience and benefits from the Online World:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media intelligence
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Individual Training Courses

New Projects:

To emphasize Josoor’s position as a leading provider of Internet marketing solutions in Egypt & the Arab World – Josoor announces a bunch of new exciting projects to be launched through-out 2013:

  • Constantly-fresh news portal that aims to be Egypt’s leading & most reliable news source
  • EgyptRev: The world’s first project of its kind to document and archive the happenings of Egypt’s glorious Jan 25 revolution
  • Anamel: Giving Back to our Community by helping people to fish, instead of giving them a fish! Anamel represents Josoor’s ambitious plan to introduce the unknown and buried talents of local Egyptians to the world through an interactive advanced e-commerce portal with a special social networking model

For more information about Josoor’s celebrations, please contact us.