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Pay Per Click Advertising

If you are in business, the importance of having effective internet presence can hardly be underestimated. As the prevalence of the internet continues to increase and more people conduct commerce within the realm of cyberspace, accordingly; any business without a top flight online advertising campaign will eventually become obsolete.

Josoor Internet Marketing specializes in giving your business the competitive edge in your industry online. We offer comprehensive packages, including search engine and social media optimization, web analytics, media buying, and the all important online advertising and pay per click campaigns which are contributing to larger shares of repeat business for our clients.

For that reason alone, of the digital marketing services offered by Josoor Internet Marketing, having an outstanding online ads campaign is perhaps the most important. Pay per click, or PPC, is an advertising model that maximizes your advertising dollar by only charging your account when a viewer actually clicks on an advertisement of your company. This insures that every dollar spent will go towards enticing only parties interested in what your company has to offer. PPC in Egypt, UAE, Oman & around the world is equally important as it is currently one of the foremost ways to professionally and economically introduce your company to new markets.

Online Advertising services go hand in hand with another service offered by Josoor, namely, Analytics which allow our clients to see exactly who is clicking on your ads, where they are, and how often these clicks convert into sales for your business.

With many online marketing companies, online ads campaigns are done without proper strategies, resulting in a low sales conversion rate. Josoor offers pay per click advertising on a long term level, ensuring your longevity on the web.

We will assess your business case and recommend the best advertising channels for your future digital campaigns, whether on Google AdWords’ Search, Display Network, Mobile or Social Media Advertising including Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads or LinkedIn ads.

Your first step to a professional web presence is to get a free, no obligation quote from Josoor. From there we can discuss how to implement your proprietary advertising strategy to maximize your marketing dollar and turn your clicks into sales. The sooner you begin, the better. Your competition will not wait!