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The science and art of Web Analytics

The Internet is a dangerous place to “shoot from the hip” as they used to say, meaning that any company entering the competitive environment of the web should take careful aim at what they intend to accomplish and how. Nor is there any reason for a company not to be well-informed before entering the Internet commercial arena, as Josoor Internet Marketing, one of the regional leaders in the industry, offering Egyptian and Arab clients high-quality web analytics service that delivers the crucial information every company needs to know about its website traffic.

Web analytics is both a science and an art that collects, measures, analyzes, and then reports data on web traffic for the purposes of understanding and optimizing a business’s web site. It is first of all a science because it depends on cutting edge technology to insure that the data on a site’s visitors, page views and conversions is captured in a accurate and timely manner. Inaccurate, late reports can lead to expensive mistakes on the Internet.

Secondly, Web analytics is an art because analyzing the collected data is more than simple addition and subtraction, it requires interpretation as well by knowledgeable, experience experts aware of the cultural differences not evident in the simple collection of numbers. Writing well-directed ads, for example, even ignoring language differences, requires a knowledge of the Egyptian & Arab consumer unlikely to be found in most marketing companies. But whether it is off-site analysis measuring likely customer potential or on-site analysis following the customer’s conversions or page views, Josoor Internet Marketing’s staff includes expert analysts with backgrounds and the intimate knowledge of cultural nuances likely to effect Internet business decisions depending on web analytics in Egypt and the Arab World . Companies can be assured their advertising money will not be wasted.

Companies intent upon a successful conquest of the commercial Internet need to do their homework before expending their money and energies in unprofitable directions. Web Analytics in Egypt and the Arab World, like web analytics anywhere, requires the best technical tools for traffic measurement and an expert staff capable of making informed, accurate interpretations based on that information. Contact Josoor Internet Marketing for exactly this expertise.