This December; Facebook announced that posts captions with spammy nature that beg for engagement from users (i.e. engagement baits) such as likes, reactions, shares or comments will lose their ranking from now on. These news come after Facebook received many reports from its users that they do not like this type of posts captions.  So Facebook Page Admins, from now on, save your time trapping your users to react to your content with captions such as “LIKE this if you’re a Taylor Swift fan!” etc. This social media tactic was common for years as it was believed to take advantage of Facebook’s algorithm which boosts posts that gain more engagements in order to have greater reach. Yet, the good news here is that genuine posts that seek advice, recommendations or circulating a call for help and so on will not be affected by Facebook’s recent update. For us at Josoor Internet Marketing, this update made us happy as it is in favor of all of us – both; Social Media Marketers and Social Media users – as it will eventually help make Facebook a better place with more authentic and quality content. Have a question about your business’ Social Media Marketing performance? Contact us and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly.