Rest In Peace, Review Extensions. It was nice to have you but it was not easy to have you approved by Google, though! In a nutshell; Ad Extensions allowed advertisers on AdWords to show additional information on their Search (text) ads, that included displaying a map with their company’s location, displaying promoted product images or the most popular form of Ad Extensions which was “Link to additional pages within your advertised website” and the click-to-call phone number feature, beside other features.  Before the end of 2017, Google AdWords announced that review extensions would be killed by January 15th, this year. What is the impact of that on both; advertisers and agencies? For us, Advertisers and agencies, we will miss an interesting feature that allowed us to provide further information about our promoted products and services. Although the reason(s) why Google decided to kill this feature, maybe because, it was confusing to the users? Or did it add up a lot of work load on AdWord’s review teams? We have no clue! What we’re sure about is that Google AdWords is definitely cooking something else and it will be rolled out for public tasting sometime in the future. So let’s stay tuned! Haven’t tried AdWords Campaigns before for your business? Let us know and one of our AdWords specialists will get in touch with you shortly and run a free assessment for your business’ online needs.