Despite the significant rise of Social Media; Google’s Search traffic is still undeniably a main source of online traffic for any website in the modern days. Losing your Google traffic can be a disaster to your business, depending on your business model – of course. Why are we stressing on such a known fact?  Well, it’s because, last December; Google announced that websites that lack locations, or choose to hide their location; would no longer be listed on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Meaning? If your website does not have a location listed on it, you should immediately add one to avoid being affected by Google’s latest update. Bottom line, at least, mention your website’s country of origin. It goes without saying that you should not by all means use a location where you do not have presence, as many websites on the internet use this trick to trap users into thinking that they are credited and trustworthy by – for example – falsely claiming that they are a US-based company… etc. This recent update from Google is definitely something we would happily back and support at Josoor Internet Marketing. Do you have an inquiry about your website’s SEO? Contact us and one of our experts will get in touch with you shortly.