The new year, 2018, came in and we still don’t want to believe that we’re hitting the end of its first quarter! As there is much to digest and much more to be excited about with the unprecedented speed of innovation (by genre, and by volume) in the tech industry in general and partially in our area of expertise: Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing trends in 2018 So, what are the most important trends expected by experts and industry leaders for digital marketing in 2018? We will brief them below:  1) Artificial Intelligence A.I. has witnessed major improvements in recent years and it is interfering with almost every single field of science – and digital marketing is no exception – of course! Imagine what your brand can do with more intelligent tools, software and applications? What kind of communication it can provide to your customers and the type of data you will be able to get in return to improve your customer experience? A-LOT can be done in digital marketing with better A.I. in hands! In 2018, Artificial Intelligence is expected to be utilized to increase conversions and sales by becoming smarter in understanding and analyzing the users behavior. It will also improve the personalization of your brand’s marketing experience, by suggesting more relevant products/services on individual basis for each of your customers – isn’t that amazing? 2) Live Video It is no secret that live videos have become a trend on all Social Media platforms, from YouTube and all the way to Facebook. But what’ll be new in 2018? It is how WE use Live Videos to establish better, more friendly and more creative communication with your customers. 3) Mirco-Influencers! Yes! You read that right! Social Media Influencers are becoming a past, a tradition you can say, thanks to their […]