Social Media in general, and Facebook in specific, have become a crucial part of many people’s lives nowadays; and this fact is not expected to change soon. Nowadays; if you need to do proper market research; you will have to lean to Social Media at first hand or at any phase of your research project. Likewise; Social Media proved to be a great way to measure the public mainstream opinion about specific topics and it can also tell you what the top interests of the majority of humanity in the digital age. As it has been the case with the end of every year; Social Media analytics and monitoring companies show off their muscles by releasing informative and interesting facts and reports about Social Media trends and what grabbed the interest of Social Media users in the late year. One of these many reports caught our attention, when Buzzsumo released their report on the most viral (or most popular) content shared by Facebook users in 2017. And as usual; the results were not expected (it’s hard to expect us – earthlings eh?): Who did not listen at least 5 times to Despacito? None of us, right? Well; believe it or not, as Despacito’s music video on YouTube scored the top rank in the most shared link/content on Facebook (according to Buzzsumo) with 22.2M Facebook interactions! Next to Despacito, Ed Sheeran’s cool “Shape of You” came second with 9.7M Facebook engagements! It is also noteworthy that “Music Videos” were the most viral content type on Facebook in 2017; followed by news articles (whew, good, we’re finally show interest in something serious!). Need help with your Social Media Management? Drop us a message and one of our Social Media Consultants will be in touch with you shortly.