It’s a fact that most of us spend more time on our mobile phones rather than our desktop computers and laptops. Google is surely aware of that and thus; the leading firm announced that it officially released a feature it has been testing for months – that is the new “More Results” button for mobile searchers on A great UX update for Google Mobile Search At Josoor, we really like the new feature and we believe it will definitely make the search experience on Google’s search engine easier, more convenient and less confusing. Weren’t you ever in situation where you spent sometime searching for something on your smart phone and while you’re navigating through the SERP (Search Engine Results Page); your fat fingers couldn’t tap the page number you really want? It happened to all of us! And here is Google’s response to that. Couldn’t the button be colored? Maybe it’s just us, but there is a consensus among our digital marketing team here in Josoor Internet Marketing ‘s Cairo office in Egypt that although we understand that Google has a strict rule for simplicity in design with focus on functionality; yet we feel like that the new button is a bit hard to recognize amidst the different blue, grey and black text that could be seen on Google’s search results pages. What about coloring the new “More Results” button using any of Google’s brand colors? Do you agree with us? Whether Google listened to our suggestion or not, it won’t shake our belief that Google Search has been making lives easier for more than 15 years! If you have any inquiries on how to improve your website’s ranking on Google’s mobile search results; please contact us and we’ll get in touch with you shortly!